Explosives Stock Book for Users

The Ontaris Explosives Stock Book is the solution for quarries, pits, seismic operators, demolition blasters, etc. It is an easy-to-use, robust and proven system for over 8 years for all those who use explosives commercially, want to comply with legal requirements and additionally benefit from the advantages of an electronic stock book. It works with all solutions available on the market and can read their XML files without any problems.

Ontaris Explosives Stock Book 2.0.pdf

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The Explosives Stock Book consists of the following components:

Rugged 10” tablet computer (protection class IP65

Robust, extremely fast Bluetooth hand-held scanner (protection class IP67)

Explosives Stock Book Software

No internet connection or synchronization with other computers is required to use the Ontaris Explosives Stock Book. The application runs completely standalone and can be run without a network/Internet. The data exchange with the manufacturer/supplier can take place here, for example, via a USB stick that can be connected directly to the tablet PC for goods receipt. In addition, the digital delivery note can be exchanged via the Internet or a company server, as the tablet PC is equipped with both a WLAN and a LAN connection.

The data is stored on the tablet PC in an encrypted database and is protected against both accidental and deliberate modification.

Explosives Stock Book

Incoming Goods
The incoming goods can be performed with the supplier XML file or manually. With spot checks performed with the help of the scanner, the delivery can be quickly verified. The delivered explosives can then be booked either into storage or directly into consumption.

The explosives intended for consumption are recorded with the hand scanner. Here, an entire pallet or box can be removed in one step by scanning the packaging code. The content does not need to be scanned again separately. Each person authorized to use explosives will receive a personalized badge to securely confirm receipt of the explosives.

To return unused explosives to the warehouse or directly to the supplier, the unused explosives are scanned again with the scanner. In the case of articles that can be divided (e.g. detonating cord), the system automatically asks which quantity has actually been consumed. The remaining quantity is posted back without destroying the unique data matrix code. In addition, explosives for which the data matrix code has become illegible, e.g. due to soiling, can be booked back as unlabeled goods, so that the stock ledger always shows the correct stock level.

Stock and Stock Movement
The stock view gives you a complete overview of the quantities of items in the warehouse with just one click. Both the number and the stored net explosive mass are displayed in one view.

Via the stock movement, one immediately receives all detailed information of the performed goods movements for easy viewing and control.

An inventory check can be performed via a count list, which can be called up directly via the screen, or with the help of the scanner and a check of the unique item number, directly on site in the warehouse.

Function Overview

Stock Book
Stock Book
Incoming Goods
Incoming goods with XML file (incl. sample)xx
Manual incoming goods (without XML file)xx
Goods without label and opened itemsxx
Return (via scanner or via delivery note number)x
Goods Issue and Consumption
Goods issue with XML file (incl. intermediate storage)xx
Consumption/destruction (incl. ID for authorization)xx
Goods without label and opened itemsxx
Goods issue managed (pick list)x
Preparing and temporarily storing goods issues x
Create a supplier XML file x
Service blasting for customersx
ADR transport documents and delivery notex
Warehouse Management and Control
Formation of new packaging units (packing)xx
Storage locations and transfer of goods(x)(x)
Stock view (incl. NEW)xx
Stock movement view (transaction and article related)xx
Stock content view x
Element search and inventory control with the scannerxx
Track & Trace search according to EU directivexx
Settings and Reporting
Stock ledger according to EU directivex x
User administration with authorization concept x x
Multilingual x x
Multiple devices per warehouse (incl. automated synchronization) x x
Offline/online use x x
Network-compatible with central SQL serverx
Extensive reporting xx
Individual evaluation with Power BI xx
Connection to ERP system (optional)(x)