Electronic War Weapons Book

The fact that a company must keep an electronic war weapons log results from the War Weapons Control Act(KrWaffKontrG) of the Federal Republic of Germany. All companies that manufacture, place on the market or store war weapons must keep an electronic war weapons register in which every movement must be promptly documented. As a basis for handling war weapons, companies must apply for appropriate permits in advance. As the competent authority, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) checks compliance with the War Weapons Control Act.

Ontaris Electronic War Weapons Book
Ontaris’ easy-to-use electronic War Weapons Book (eKWB) helps companies with their legal documentation obligations, making them simple, preventing incorrect entries and also providing an interface to BAFA for semi-annual reporting. As a central component, the electronic war weapons register also contains, among other things, a licence administration and the administration of the documents justifying the entry.

War Weapons Control Act
The War Weapons Control Act(KrWaffKontrG) serves to secure peace and prevent war. It is intended to protect the peaceful coexistence of peoples and to ward off threats to international peace and security.

In the course of the digitalisation of official processes, all companies subject to reporting under the War Weapons Control Act are obliged to report the half-yearly inventory report and changes to the BAFA in electronic form from October 2020.


Ontaris’ electronic War Weapons Book (eKWB) was developed over a 2-year period starting in 2018, in very close collaboration with leading defense industry companies to create the most 100% fit software solution possible. It was important to have a heterogeneous selection of partner companies in order to obtain a meaningful cross-section in terms of booking requirements.

Meanwhile, Ontaris’ electronic war weapons book has become an industry standard. The electronic war weapons book software is continuously being developed, on the one hand based on the feedback and requirements of our customers, on the other hand on the changing legal basis.

-> Software and modules


Based on the experience and feedback of eKWB users, version 2.0 was developed in 2022. The focus of the further development was on the one hand on the optimization of the existing software solution, and on the other hand on the functional extension of the basic application with the help of additional modules.

Interface and User Guidance
– Optimization of user guidance
– Introduction of a new, clearer interface design for better clarity
Optimize the application with regard to
– Display performance
– Booking performance
Additional Modules
– BAFA external audit module incl. Document Management System
– Weapon tree incl. historized tracking
– Prohibited items (incl. report for reporting to the BKA)
– Interface to SAP

-> Software and modules


We accompany the introduction to our eKWB software with a 1-day training. Experience shows that the focus of this training is on the implementation of the requirements specified by the KWKG. During the training, many practical use cases from the daily environment of the users and the company will be discussed and shown how they must be posted in the eKWB. The definition and recording of master data and licenses is also part of the training, so that afterwards the war weapons accountants have prepared the software to such an extent that they can start directly with the current entries in the war weapons book and transport book.

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