Explosive Ordnance Stock Book

The electronic Explosive Ordnance Stock Book is part of the Explosive Stock Bock product family and was developed in close cooperation with explosive ordnance disposal companies. The Explosive Ordnance Stock Book is an innovative system for recording, labeling and destroying explosive ordnance. It enables simple and safe handling of explosive ordnance clearance, bulk material and small ammunition. All aspects of explosive ordnance disposal, from initial collection, cleaning and mechanical processing to destruction, were considered and implemented simply and intuitively in the Explosive Ordnance Stock Book version.

The system offers the following functions:

  • Acceptance of found ammunition with a handheld scanner that identifies the found ammunition with a QR code.
  • Unique identification and recording of found ammunition in an XML file that is inserted into the stock book.
  • Grouping of found ammunition in collection containers or mesh boxes.
  • Acceptance of found ammunition as bulk material, which is collected in a separate container.
  • Generation of the required documents such as the transport certificate or proof of destruction.

The Ontaris Explosive Ordnance Stock Book is a convenient and secure solution for all companies that need to manage explosive ordnance. It reduces the workload and the error rate when detecting explosive ordnance. The system is robust, powerful and easy to operate.


The explosive ordnance stock book consists of the following components:

Rugged 10” tablet computer (protection class IP65

Robust, extremely fast Bluetooth hand-held scanner (protection class IP67)

Explosive Ordnance Stock Book Software

The system consists of a robust tablet computer equipped with a Bluetooth scanner and an integrated WLAN or LAN connection. The tablet computer can scan the found ammunition with the scanner and transfer it to an XML file, which is then inserted into the stock book. No internet connection or synchronization with other computers is required to use the Ontaris Ordnance Log. The application runs completely standalone and can be run without a network/Internet. For example, a USB stick can be used for digital data exchange with explosive ordnance disposal services, which can be connected directly to the tablet PC for goods receipt. In addition, the digital delivery bill can be exchanged via the Internet or a company-owned server.

The data is stored on the tablet PC in an encrypted database and is protected against both accidental and deliberate modification.