New Features of the Explosives Stock Book

Version 2.0

At the beginning of 2023, we began with the new and further development of the Explosives Stock Book and have now completed the final version. This is available immediately. The upgrade to the new version is free of charge for maintenance contract customers, all other users who do not have a maintenance contract can switch to the new version for an upgrade fee. Version 1.x will no longer be developed further with the release of version 2.0.

We have completely revised the Explosives Stock Book Version 2.0 in terms of both content and technology, making it more efficient in many areas. The result is version 2.0, with improvements in the following areas:

– Incoming Goods up to 600% faster
– Booking of 500,000 items and more per XML file possible
– Display and processing speed generally optimized
Interface and User Guidance
– 20% fewer clicks due to optimized user guidance
– Optimization of operation through the use of large buttons
– Easy customization of lists and evaluations
Networking and Synchronization
– Working with multiple devices in one warehouse (automatic synchronization)
– Automatic switch between offline and online operation
– Automatic data transfer to the administration

Here is a detailed overview of the new and changed functions:

Version Overview

With the introduction of version 2.0, we have adapted the versions to the changed requirements in practice – the following software versions are now available:

Explosives Stock Book 2.0

This version combines the Professional and Enterprise versions of 1.x and includes the functionality of the Enterprise version. This version is aimed at consumers of explosives, such as quarries, pits or demolition blasters.

Explosives Stock Book 2.0 Dealers & Service Providers

The Explosives Stock Book 2.0 Dealer version is identical to version 1.x of the same name and is aimed at dealers and blasting service providers and completely covers the functions required there.

Explosives Stock Book 2.0 Manufacturer

The manufacturer’s version is available in a compact version designed for smaller manufacturers of explosives. All the necessary functions are available in one software package.

There is also a manufacturer version, which is divided into a production version and a logistics version. This is suitable for manufacturers where production and logistics are separate from each other.

General Changes

Valid for all Versions

Improving Performance

  • General
    • Start process has been accelerated
    • Navigation within the program has been accelerated.
  • For Bookings
    • Goods Receipt (with XML, manual, from production)
    • Consumption
    • Consumption Return
    • Goods Issue
    • Internal Rebooking
  • For Reports
    • Stock
    • Stock Movement
    • Stock Contents
    • Inventory Control

New interface design and user guidance

  • Clearer and unambiguous user guidance and menu structure
  • Redesign of the registration/deregistration process
  • Redesign of the main view (tiled view)
  • Remove the second menu level (left menu after clicking on a tile)
  • Redesign of the menu views (when a tile is clicked)
  • Optimization and adaptation of the touch surface to the capacitive displays of the KALEO.27
  • Customize master data processing
  • Addition of search, filter and sort functions in many views (incl. definition of own layouts)

Goods Receipt with XML file

  • In addition to the display of the delivery structure (left-hand side), a summary of the delivery is always displayed on the right-hand side.
  • Removable items (detonating cord) are automatically marked as removable during automatic item creation in the master data.

Consumption with chargeback to the supplier

It is now possible to post unused explosives back to the supplier directly from consumption, including the generation of an XML file for the supplier. It is now also possible to return partially used items (e.g. detonating cord) to the supplier in the XML file. The unique item code is retained and the quantity transferred corresponds to the quantity actually still available. With the next delivery, these articles can be included again via the goods receipt with the actual number of meters still on the spool via the goods receipt with XML file and posted to consumption.


The settings have been completely revised and made available depending on the version. Perhaps the most important setting here is the option of booking “open packaging”. If this option is selected, the remainder of an opened package can be booked via the packaging label.

Dealer & Manufacturer

New Functions

  • Posting returns: A return is a return of all or part of an outgoing goods shipment.
  • Warehouse contents view: Displays the complete contents of a warehouse as a “tree”.
  • Element search: Displays the content and detailed information on a scanned element (packaging or item).


Synchronization can be divided into two areas:

  • Synchronization of movement data from the warehouse to the office for evaluation
  • Synchronization within a warehouse, with the simultaneous use of 2 or more tablets

Synchronization of movement data from the warehouse to the office for evaluation

With the new synchronization service, it is now easy to transfer all transaction data and bookings made on the tablet promptly and automatically in the background to the office, where evaluations and reports can then be created and the exact stock level can be viewed at any time. This also enables the authorities to be informed promptly about the explosives received and used (Track & Trace).

Synchronization within a warehouse, with the simultaneous use of 2 or more tablets

With the synchronization service, it is also possible to work with several tablets in a warehouse at the same time. The bookings of the individual tablets are automatically synchronized and exchanged in the background.