Explosives Stock Book for Powder Dealers

The NC & Back Powder Stock Book product is aimed at powder dealers who, in addition to the track and trace solution in accordance with the EU directive, also want to keep their stock book digitally and no longer on paper.

In addition to the NC & Black Powder Stock Book software, the product also includes a robust, handy 2D handheld scanner. No internet connection or synchronization with other computers is required to use the NC & Black Powder Stock Book. The application runs completely independently and can also run without a network.

Explosives Stock Book for Powder Ddealers

You can install and use the software on your existing computer with a Windows operating system from Windows 10.

Function Overview

Incoming Goods

  • Incoming goods with Bluetooth hand scanner
  • With XML file from supplier
    • Perform sampling
    • Post to warehouse
    • Posting directly to goods issue (without rescanning)
  • Performing a manual goods receipt without XML file

Goods Issue

  • of goods with Bluetooth hand scanner
  • Creation of a supplier XML file (output of the supplier XML file via USB stick possible)
  • with creation of a delivery note

Stock Book

  • Stock book according to §16. SprengG
  • Immediate display of the stock level (current inventory)
  • Options for the adjustment posting
  • Track & Trace in accordance with the EU Labeling Directive
  • Carrying out the monthly warehouse closings
  • Inventory Control
    • on the basis of tallies
    • with the hand scanner


  • Perform track and trace
  • Various reports and evaluations


  • User administration with authorization concept
  • Multilingualism
  • Data backup (local/network)
  • Maintain master data

System requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or higher
  • Working Memory: min. 8 GB
  • Storage Space: 300 MB (without database)

The software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64) and SQL Server 2022 Express LocalDB (both are checked during installation and automatically downloaded and installed by Microsoft if necessary).