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Beyond the Standards

We want to be close to the matter and your company, to reach the goal together for success, which is more than the usual, standardized. Through understanding, through knowledge, through further thinking and through doing. Flat hierarchies ensure fast and efficient communication and successful agreements. You feel this, because something comes across: Knowledge of what we do for you and passion for what we do for you.

Impetus from active market participation

Any reliable company with presence had a stable development in the past: since Ontaris was founded in 1994, customer orientation has been a fixed value of the company culture. Combined with consistent openness to change and innovation in the IT industry, it led to Ontaris growth and consistency with high dynamics. In the course of its more than 29 years of existence, Ontaris has grown from a local to an international provider of software solutions.

Our Products and Services

Explosives Stock Book

As part of the EU Directive, all companies handling explosives have been required to ensure complete traceability of the explosives stored and used since April 5, 2015. With the Ontaris Explosives Stock Book, you comply with the EU Marking Directive and at the same time benefit from the convenience of an electronic explosives stock book.

Explosive Ordnance Stock Book

The Explosive Ordnance Stock Book is designed for use in explosive ordnance clearance and explosive ordnance disposal and destruction. Bulk and small ammunition can be easily recorded by quantity, and larger ammunition can be recorded on an individualized basis. The system maps the entire chain of acquisition from the discovery, through interim storage, to the destruction of the explosive ordnance.

Electronic War Weapons Book

For compliance with the War Weapons Control Act (KrWaffKontrG) of the Federal Republic of Germany, we have developed, in close cooperation with the relevant authorities and the industry, the electronic war weapons book. All companies that manufacture, place on the market or handle war weapons must keep a war weapons logbook in which every movement is documented in a timely manner.

Computer Courses

Ontaris is the leading provider of computer courses in Microsoft Office and MAC in the Bergisch area (Wuppertal, Solingen, Remscheid, Wermels-kirchen, Burscheid etc.). We are active nationwide and not only conduct Microsoft Office training courses for our customers (e.g. B. Excel or Word) but are already involved in the planning, preparation and organisation.

Digital Transformation

Our world is changing, especially the developments in economy and society are advancing rapidly. New requirements with regard to the competence and responsibility profile in the “digital world” will also be faced by managers in particular. Agile methods and agile learning are becoming increasingly important in this context.


In the go4cognition research project, an interdisciplinary team of specialists from different institutions – including neuropsychologists, sports scientists, physicians, nursing scientists and software developers – developed a new type of brain jogging that improves the mental and physical abilities of seniors.

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