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Electronic War Weapons Book

The Electronic War Weapons Book(eKWB) was developed in close cooperation with leading German companies in the arms industry, in close cooperation and consultation with the BAFA.

The Electronic War Weapons Book covers the following areas, among others:

  • Master Data Management
  • Authorisation management
  • War Weapons Book
  • Transportation book
  • Half-yearly report to BAFA

Master Data Management
The master data forms the basis for working with the Electronic War Weapons Book. This is where the companies and authorities with which you work are created and maintained. In addition, the individual war weapons and war weapons book sheets are defined once here. These entries are therefore available to all war weapons bookkeepers in the network and are only maintained centrally at this one location.

Authorisation Management
The approvals form the second pillar of the documentation in accordance with KWKG. All permits applied for and required for the KWKG are managed and maintained centrally in the database. An automatic permit write-off and permit utilization check takes place when posting. In addition, the end of a permit is automatically indicated in good time before it expires.

War Weapons Book
In the War Weapons Book, the actual entries are made on the various War Weapons Book pages. The booking system strictly adheres to the specifications of the BAFA. All transaction types specified by BAFA are stored and the user is guided through each booking step by step. Many automatic checks in the background provide booking and legal certainty. Offsetting entries are also carried out automatically by the software, so that the booking effort is considerably reduced and possible incorrect bookings are prevented.

Transportation Book
Even if the transport logbook is not used by many companies, it is an integral part of the KWKG and must therefore of course also be mapped in the eKWB. In the transport book, the individual processes are recorded step by step, analogous to the war weapons book, and the war weapons bookkeeper is closely guided through the entries by the software.

Half-yearly report to BAFA
Of course, at the end of each reporting period, the war and promotion book sheets are completed. This closing with the corresponding stock entries is carried out automatically by the software at the push of a button. All bookings are checked once again before the reporting period is completed and the XML file is created, which is then sent via the ELAN-K2 to BAFA and reported.

Additional Modules

Thanks to close cooperation with our customers, further optional modules have been developed over time to supplement the Electronic War Weapons Book as required. These modules have also been developed in a practice-driven manner, with great attention being paid to applicability in the various companies with widely differing focuses.

BAFA External Audit Module incl. Document Management

This optional add-on offers a comprehensive solution for managing and archiving documents related to entries and processes in the eKWB.

Innovative functions of the module:

  • Audit-proof document management: With this module, you can add and manage any documents to individual processes in the eKWB. These documents are securely stored in the software and are available at any time at the touch of a button. These include delivery bills, freight documents and customs documents.
  • Customizable document types per transaction: Specific document types can be defined for each transaction type, such as acquisition or transfer. You can also specify whether the document is mandatory or optional. One particularly useful function is the automatic reminder function, which informs the war weapons bookkeeper if a required document has not yet been uploaded.
  • Support with the BAFA external audit: The external audit by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is a crucial part of the compliance process. In close consultation with the industry, BAFA has rebalanced the external audit so that the book and document audit now takes place at BAFA in advance. The module enables efficient preparation for this check by providing the required documents together with the current XML file via a secure interface in the Bundescloud.

Your advantages with the module “BAFA external audit incl. Document Management”:

  • Efficient document management: Quick access to all relevant documents and clear structuring of your records.
  • Improved compliance: Audit-proof storage and the automated reminder function simplify compliance with legal requirements.
  • Optimal preparation for external audits: By providing the required documents in the Bundescloud, the audit process is made much easier by BAFA.

Weapon Tree

The weapon tree is an extension for the Electronic War Weapons Book. This module has been specially developed to make the handling of weapons of war and their assemblies more efficient, safer and more transparent.

The core functions of the weapon tree module are:

  • Recording and storage of weapon numbers: With the weapon tree module, you can precisely record and securely store all weapon numbers of individual war weapons and their assemblies. This facilitates the tracking and management of each individual component.
  • Pre-fading of weapon numbers, e.g. for disassembly and reassembly: The booking of war weapons is made easier, faster and safer by automatically displaying the corresponding weapon numbers for the various types of operations, such as the disassembly and reassembly of components. This guarantees correct and fast allocation of all parts.
  • Complete history of deployment and use: The weapon tree module provides a detailed overview of the entire deployment history and use of each individual component as well as the complete weapon.
  • Targeted search for weapon numbers and components: Whether you need information on a specific weapon or a specific component, the Weapon Tree module provides a powerful search function. This allows you to search specifically for individual weapon numbers or components.

Advantages of the weapon tree module:

  1. Increased transparency: Complete traceability and transparency in the handling and history of every weapon and assembly.
  2. Increased efficiency: Faster access to relevant data.
  3. Improved safety: Accuracy in recording and documentation minimizes sources of error and increases operational safety.

Prohibited Items (incl. Report for Reporting to the BKA)

This module extends the functionality of the eKWB to include important aspects of recording and managing prohibited items.

Key functions of the “Prohibited Items” module:

  • Recording and management of prohibited items: The module enables the detailed recording and systematic management of all types of prohibited items that may arise in the course of your activities.
  • Integration with the War Weapons Book: A special feature of this module is the seamless exchange of information between the eKWB and the additional module. For example, if a prohibited item is found when dismantling a weapon of war or vice versa, this information is automatically updated and synchronized in the system. This ensures that all processes can be correctly documented and tracked.
  • Support for compliance and reporting: A key aspect of this module is support for compliance with legal regulations. In particular, it facilitates the annual reporting to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) by providing all relevant information on prohibited items in a clear and exportable form. This minimizes the administrative effort and ensures accurate and timely reporting.

Your benefits with the “Prohibited items” module:

  1. Completeness and transparency: All relevant information on prohibited items is centralized and can be accessed at any time.
  2. Legal certainty and compliance: Support in complying with legal requirements and regulations, particularly with regard to reporting to authorities.
  3. Increased efficiency: Automated processes reduce manual effort and improve data accuracy.

Interface to SAP

The SAP module was specially developed to link your company’s own ERP system – whether SAP, Infor or others – efficiently and securely with the electronic war weapons logbook.

This module enables a seamless connection of your ERP system to the electronic war weapons book. The main function of this integration is that all relevant bookings made in your ERP system – such as acquisitions, transfers or even manufacturing – are automatically transferred to the electronic war weapons register via a specially developed interface once they have been recorded.

The process is designed so that data transfer is not only automatic, but also secure and reliable. After booking in the ERP system, the information is transferred directly and without manual intervention to the electronic war weapons book. This ensures that all transactions and movements of war weapons are recorded seamlessly and promptly in the war weapons register.

The advantages of this module are manifold:

  1. Save time by reducing manual data entry and duplication of work.
  2. Increased accuracy and reduction of errors, as data is transferred directly from the ERP system.
  3. Improved compliance with regulatory requirements through automated and seamless data collection.
  4. Optimized processes and increased transparency in overall weapons management.

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